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October 6, 2009

The 13-minute barrier

Yesterday, I tried to run for longer than 13 minutes.

They ( say you should have a goal. That is my pathetic goal.

Yesterday I made it running from my house to the georgeousness of the Riverside garden near the Hippo Park. (All of New York is measured for me in playgrounds.) I think that’s almost 20 blocks (from about 76th to about 95th).

I was so tired after 11 minutes, I had to walk around the garden. There are still bees and blooms. The beauty inspired me. I started running again. And I ran for oh, about 10 minutes.

So, I ran for 11 minutes, walked for 1 minute, ran again for 10 minutes. I’ve gotta run for longer than 13 minutes.

Here’s another goal – to run a 5K before New Year’s Day. 2010.