One is too slow; the other too fast

On Sunday, I ran with one of my 10 year olds and also my 12 year old.

My number one son kept telling me to take longer strides. My daughter kept stopping to stare at the Hudson. Note to self: Run alone next time!

The only time we were all at the same pace was at the counter of the Korean deli at 72nd and West End where we stopped for juice, gatorade, bagels, and sliced mangoes. We really enjoyed the run at that moment – the moment the run was over.  We then sat together in front of the statue of Eleanour Roosevelt at Riverside and 72nd.

I thought running would be a good way to bond with children. Now I think that sitting on a bench together is a good way too.

One Comment to “One is too slow; the other too fast”

  1. LOL. Bench sitting is bonding. Especially if you stay there long enough for meaningful conversation to bubble up from inside you.


    This is an awesome post.

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